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Are you wondering when you should buy or sell your house in Montana? In this video, Mark Kuhl of Performance Real Estate offers his take on whether or not people should wait to buy or sell a home in today’s market environment. With so much fluctuation in the housing market and interest rates, many people are wondering if waiting is a good strategy for them. Because everyone wants to ensure they get the best price possible, it’s common to question the timeline for putting in an offer or listing their home for sale.


Mark explains that for prospective home buyers or sellers, waiting could be a viable strategy, but it’s best to come in to chat with the team of Realtors at Performance Real Estate first, before making a decision. By scheduling a strategy session with an experienced Realtor, you can receive personalized advice for when you should buy or sell your house in Montana, and get greater peace of mind in your housing plans. In order to avoid costly mistakes, or to just be able to breathe easy throughout your selling or buying process, Mark emphasizes the value of a strategy session with one of their Montana Realtors.

In today’s housing market, prices are still inching upward and interest rates are all over the place. This leads to confusion about when you should buy or sell your house in Montana. This means that timing will be a major factor in the success of your sale. Mark suggests that prospective buyers seek prequalification sooner rather than later, in case interest rates continue to change. And also taking the time to see what exactly you can afford, before jumping into the market. The team at Performance Real Estate can assist both home buyers and sellers in Montana with getting a better understanding of their financial position and power in the market. A strategy session can also give people more tools to make the best decision possible based on their buying or selling goals.

Mark concludes the video with an invitation for prospective home buyers or sellers to reach out to schedule a strategy session with his team at Performance Real Estate for realtor advice in Montana.